Living with Alzheimer’s changes everything. One of the biggest things that it changes is that you now need to plan for an inability to care for yourself. After many years of independence, most of us would have a hard time accepting that or ever planning for it.

Patience and planning can be key though. As the disease progresses, to also have to worry about financial planning, legal authorizations, or professional care can ad to the pressure on a family. When diagnosed with the disease it is important to take action.

1. Start with your doctor and ask about treatment options, including test programs that might be of interest to you. It is very important to accept that there is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but not to discount professional medical advice.

2. After you understand the diagnosis form your doctor, reach out to a legal professional to make sure that your spouse or family have the legal documents needed to access accounts or to care for you. This can make many of the transitions needed for Alzheimer’s patients easier as the disease progresses.

3. Understand your benefits. Medicare and Medicaid may or may not cover your expenses. It is key to understand these benefits BEFORE you need them to kick in. Also, you may want to speak with a CPA as many benefits will not become available until your own financial resources are depleted.

4. Make plans. If there is a trip you have been putting off, or something you always wanted to do, you should consider planning it. The dark side of Alzheimer’s is that it can be with you for a long time before the end, but this is also the light side. Many people pass on without getting to ever say goodbye, plan for it, or prepare. In some ways, this is your second chance.

5. Plan for Care. It is unlikely that your loved ones will be qualified or prepared to take care of you on your own. Finding the right Alzheimer’s care options can help you to feel more comfortable about the future.

6. Communicate. This will help you to understand the feelings and expectations of everyone in the family unit. Take time with this and it can help you more smoothly deal with the disease’s progression.

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